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photo of process server delivering legal documentsOn Time Legal Services provides accurate, trustworthy service of process for Attorney’s and individuals filing on their own.  On Time Legal Services focuses on service throughout South Florida including Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.  Our extensive process service network allows us to serve process throughout Florida and nationwide. 

Our specialty is serving the hard to find, and those who are trying to evade service.    On Time Legal Services is not just a name it’s a mantra which is why we are immensely experienced at last minute time critical service.

In addition to process service On Time Legal Services provide Attorneys with a reliable array of other services.  These services include

  • Package and document delivery
  • Case Research and look up
  • Court Filings
  • Skip Tracing / Diligent Searches
  • Military Status Checks

Package and document delivery

Our South Florida legal courier services ensure your files are delivered when you need them.  Our skilled delivery service professionals are stationed throughout the whole South Florida area including Boca Raton,  Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, which means you can depend on your delivery arriving on time, every time.  We feature "smart pricing" allowing you to save even more when sending or receiving  packages at  multiple addresses.


Court Research

Let On Time Legal Services take the time-consuming task of court research off your hands and the hands of your staff.   You concentrate on your case, and we’ll get the information you need.  Our highly trained, qualified, educated staff will retrieve your needed court research in an efficient, timely fashion. We’ll keep informed of case statuses & court calendars to make sure you're up to date.

Court Filings

Courts are becoming greener each year.   E-filing is doing plenty to reduce the amount of paper used by the court system.  Even with these “ green” initiatives the need still exists to send documents to the clerk of court, judges and others.  On Time Legal Services will file your important court documents at the appropriate courthouse.   We have even been known to wait in a Judge's chamber for a writ to be issued.  We know your clients have high demands on you and you intern will have high demands on On Time Legal Services.  We welcome the challenge.

We offer same-day court filing services in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.  On Time Legal Services has expanded its court filing service to include all Florida Courts and then some. 

Skip Tracing / Diligent Searches

On Time Legal Services has the knowledge and skill needed to locate people who may not want to be found or who have moved from one location to another.  Regardless of the reason, a case can’t proceed until proper service is complete.  If you no longer know where the person you are trying to serve is located, let our search experts find them for you.  Our investigative team have found over 90% of the individuals for which we have searched.  For the other 10%, we provide a detailed diligent search affidavit that may allow for other forms of substitute service (such as service by publication) allowing a case to continue.

Military Status Checks

Individuals currently serving in the Armed Forces have certain protections from litigation.  An important element of any case is to confirm whether a defendant is or is not in the Military.  On Time Legal Services will verify the military status of your defendant from the US Department of Defense and provide you with an affidavit and certificate of the results.    This will ensure the rights of those serving this country are protected, and the others are correctly processed. We feature "smart pricing" allowing you to save even more when sending or receiving packages at multiple addresses.

We feature "smart pricing" allowing you to save even more when sending or receiving  packages at  multiple addresses.  

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